The Advantages of Physical Therapy For Injuries

physical therapy schoolsAfter suffering from injuries in a car accident, I was dealing with chronic pain. It became more difficult to deal with the pain each day. Some days were not so bad, but then there were other days when the pain was so severe, and it became nearly impossible for me to do anything because I felt so uncomfortable. I did not want to become dependent on pain medication to feel better, so I decided to talk to my physician about physical therapy, and I am so glad I did it.

Referral For A Physical Therapist

physical therapy assistMy physician provided a referral for a physical therapist who has been helping me cope with my pain. The different stretches and exercises performed during physical therapy sessions are making a difference for me, easing some of the pain I have been experiencing for such a long time now. The physical therapist is always gentle and works carefully with me to ensure that I feel comfortable while I am performing different movements, including lumbar rotation stretches and other types of exercise for the lower back.

While I am not living completely pain-free, physical therapy has helped tremendously. I plan to continue seeing a physical therapist regularly because it is making a significant difference for me while making it easier for me to get through the days without experiencing as much pain.