Non-invasive Chiropractic Care

physical therapy average salaryNon-invasive chiropractic care is a treatment method that can increase the range of motion and ease your pain. There are three different types of non-invasive chiropractic care options you can choose to treat you different problems.

1. Manual Joint Manipulation

This type of non-invasive chiropractic technique treats patients with pain in their middle neck, back, and all lower and upper extremities. Just like the other method, chiropractor uses his or her hands to change, divert, or stimulate more movement in the joint

2. Low-Force Manipulation

physical therapy assistThis method is more used to treat elderly patients, acute pain, toddlers and infants and those who are dealing with ailments such as osteoporosis. In this method, chiropractors use less pressure that can result in reduced pain.

3. Flexion-Distraction Manipulation

Designed to treat lower back and hip this type of manipulation usually done by the patient lying down on a treatment table with a specific mechanism while the chiropractor stretches your joint.