Medicine VS Chiropractic

physical therapy aideSince the beginning chiropractic was questionable amongst the traditional medical belief, some of the practitioners of chiropractors were jailed for practicing without having a license. Some are declaring that chiropractors are analyzing rather than diagnosing and adjusted subluxations rather than treat the condition. But in the 1980s spinal manipulation achieved mainstream attention for the research of manipulative therapies and the examples of delivery of chiropractic care for musculoskeletal ailments in the top of the healthcare sector.

A Campaign Against Drugless Healers

physical therapy clinicIn 1989 month of September a campaign against drugless healers to from practicing and leave the health issues to the real doctors and saying the health should not be entrusted to anyone but medicinal doctors only while osteopathic schools developed a program as of college accreditation and review as a response to the issue. Dr. Solon Langworthy narrowed the range of the chiropractic study to the treatment of nervous system and spine going the blood work to the doctors.