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Know The Different Types Of Chiropractic Care Services That Will Work For You

Know The Different Types Of Chiropractic Care Services That Will Work For You

physical therapy schoolsDo you have this spinal or musculoskeletal ache that wouldn’t go? Visiting your general practitioner is the first thing to do. If this is a usual the pain, your doctor has you covered, but if it’s something your natural pain reliever and ointment can do, it’s about time to consider seeing a professional Chiropractor Reno NV.

Chiropractic care is an alternative medicine that could help with knowing the proper diagnosis and treatment for musculoskeletal system disorders mostly on the spine. These chiropractic treatments can help treat simple to extreme and isolated neuromusculoskeletal, ligaments, joints disorders. Treatment session could last depend on the severity of the disease.

There are three commonly used types of chiropractic treatments, and these are flexion-destruction manipulation, manual joint manipulation, and low-force manipulation. Each treatment is specialized depending on the case, age, severity and special needs that must take into consideration. Let us know more what these types of chiropractic care are.

A chiropractor then will work on stretching your joints

physical therapy aide jobFlexion-Destruction Manipulation – This kind of treatment is designed to focus and treat issues on the lower back and hip area. You will be asked to lie down on a specialized tabled with a hydraulic mechanism. A chiropractor then will work on stretching your joints with distracting force through a smooth, pumping motion. This treatment is considered safe for people with spinal injury, herniated discs, pinched nerves, and even pregnant women.

Manual Joint Manipulation – Specialized in upper and middle extremities, this kind of chiropractic treatments treats patients that are suffering from neck, middle back and even lower back pains. Chiropractic doctors use their hands to loosen strong bones and muscles. It doesn’t only “crack’, shift, aligns, distracts bones but it also improves spinal function and relieves nerve pains. The intensity or force of the treatment will be based on the condition, age, and needs of the patient.

Low-Force Manipulation – This is known as the gentlest type of chiropractic care as it is used for the elderly patients with raw bones and bone-related conditions such as osteoporosis. Using lesser pressure and slower manipulations, it is also the treatments used for infants and toddlers. This doesn’t ensure instant relief as they do it more carefully, but the results are promising as the following sessions are completed.

There are also some other kinds of chiropractic care that are used on a case-to-case basis. Some of these are known by a different name or combined with different type but boils down the same as the treatments that are mentioned above. Some of these are called activator technique, Thompson or drop table technique, mixed technique, and Gonstead technique. In some area or counties, there is also another name given to these techniques, but again these are all the same.

For some instances, these techniques are combined and tailored depending on the need of the patient. It differs for everyone that is why it is essential to give your full medical history, so the chiropractor could give you the proper treatment needed. This is vital because our bones, especially our spine is sensitive, one wrong move could do a lot of damage. Thankfully, these professionals know their job very well, with the excellent cooperation we are in good hands, literally.

The Importance Of Physical Therapy For Injuries

The Importance Of Physical Therapy For Injuries

physical therapy assistIf you have recently suffered from a physical injury and have lasting pain, then the chances are high that you need a Reno physical therapist to eliminate that pain. There are many different types of physical treatments, but the most practiced one is massage. Therapeutic massage can help to alleviate pain, relax the muscles, reduce stress and even heal the actual injury. It should be noted that physical therapy is not a replacement for medical treatment and it is best to have physical therapy alongside medical treatment. By combining these two, you will be able to heal your injuries a lot faster and be back in good physical shape in no time.

Why Athletes Need Physical Therapy

physical therapy clinicThere are many groups of people that develop regular injuries, but the most common one are athletes or even gym goers. So, if you’re a professional or recreational athlete or also go to the gym on a regular basis, then you should have scheduled physical therapy. By doing so, it will help to loosen up your muscles and joints and help you to maintain the flexibility and strength you need to perform your best. It will also help to prevent injuries from even happening in the first place. Additionally, it will have lots of other benefits such as stress reduction and relaxation, which can improve the quality of your life.

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