Chiropractic Neck Manipulation

physical therapy clinicCommonly known as neck manipulation, The cervical manipulation is an adjustment procedure involving adjustment of the seven upper vertebrae of the spinal column. A method utilized by chiropractors and osteopathic physicians if not done correctly it may increase the risk of stroke and any other health issues.

Many Types of Chiropractic Practitioners Use Various Techniques

physical therapy average salaryMany types of practitioners use various techniques for cervical bones adjustment it consist of a range of technique range from low amplitude thrust, high velocity to gentle positional release techniques.

But there is some risk that may come with neck manipulation if improperly done such as stroke, vertebral artery dissection, and spinal disc herniation. Stroke may be increased if the neck arteries are torn this is also known as cervical dissection, The most common cause of stroke for young to mid-aged adult. However, it is hard to quantify this danger some studies are stating the serious risk cant be ruled out but has remarked that the actual risk may be underestimated.